1st rate

"The instructor’s knowledge of the material was 1st rate. The instructor’s use of visual aids and experiences were helpful in relating to the material. The instructor maintained order in the classroom while presenting a relaxed atmosphere. As a student, it is nice to have an instructor who is passionate about the subject they teach . . . " (The most important part of the class was) "I think the last day where the instructor presented a video of an accident where the instructor was actually a victim in the accident. His 1st hand experience was educational."

Great job. Thanks!

"Subjects well explained – all questions answered . . .  Class was very well conducted with a great variety of information. . . Ace was a great instructor and the class was informative – entertaining and very relaxing. I enjoyed myself when I thought I would dread being here. Great job. Thanks!!!"

Very knowledgable

"Very knowledgeable, responded to questions and kept a class interesting with personal experience. . . Answered all personal questions prior to assessment. . . I would recommend this school for anyone even if not required by law for drugs and alcohol."

Very helpful and friendly

"Very informative and (Ace) made the course interesting as well. The class style was relaxed which made it easy to have an open discussion. (The office staff was) "very helpful and friendly when I came in to ask – explained the entire process clearly."

Gives people information

(The instructor) "made it clear that he doesn’t tell people what to do, but gives them information". (The most important part of the class was) "learning about trigger levels and seeing the experiences of other people. . . The objects around the room made it interesting."

The course material was very well arranged

"Ace is very knowledgeable and able to relate the class information across the broad range of the people attending the class. Ace presents very well, and course material was very well arranged…"