You connected with each of us

"Taking your class was the best thing I have ever done. You connected with each of us on a different level. I appreciate the time you took to explain your comments. I hope that all of your future students feel the same way. If you see me again, it will be on the good side of the law."

It was excellent

"I want to thank you for conducting the DUI course. It was excellent. I only wish I could have taken it before the arrest. I feel certain that the way the class was conducted, it would have been a deterrent. Again, many thanks."

Honestly glad that I came

". . . this was a great class and I am honestly glad that I came (not just to the class but to this one). And, it’s probably fair to say that most of the people in this class feel the same way. . . You have a solid and clear understanding of the importance of recognizing the potential consequences of not making wise decisions and you express a genuine concern for all of us that really made this course not only bearable, but enjoyable. . . It’s been a pleasure meeting you and please take care!"

I left with a good feeling about my future

"Ace was informative and knowledgeable on every subject and was able to answer all of my questions. What could have turned out to be a very boring four days turned into something that I looked forward to going to every day. I though I knew a lot about my addiction but I learned things I did not know and I can’t thank you enough. . . I left with a good feeling about my future and myself and I think it is because he touched on a wide variety of subjects and did not concentrate on just the effects of drinking and driving. . ."

Atmosphere was very relaxed

"I was very apprehensive about coming to this court mandated class, but your lightheartedness made a bad situation a little bit more tolerable. . . The class was taught in a very professional manner but the atmosphere was very relaxed, casual, and fun (if going to court mandated class on the early hours of Saturday and Sunday can be called fun). . . Thanks Ace for being there for us."

Personal thanks

"Hello ace, hope you are doing well, i just wanted to give you a personal thanks for helping all of us in the class this weekend. I wish you could help my roommate, He is about 65 he drinks and smokes, coughs up a storm. I have said something to him befour. He knows that i go to First baptist of Woodstock. I drive the green troolley at 12pm till 1pm. if you ever want to visit us . Also that was a blessing that the lord is using you to touch all those people aout the, and also spared your life, on that Holcomb bride road accident. I will keep you in touch, i will try to stop by to see you from time to time. I will keep you and your buisnee in my prayers. and thanks for being our instructor, you did a great job. thanks Jeff"