3rd and last episode of "The Yellow Jackets Attack"


Sorry to be so late in this, what I hope will be my last episode of the Yellow Jacket Attack.  I’m sitting on the exam table in the ER room in just my candy cane boxer shorts.  No wallet, keys, or phone. NOTHING!!  Some male nurse comes in and tells me I can go home.  “How the Hell am I supposed to go home like this?” I replied to one less bright than the dullest star at the bottom of some ocean.  He thinks for a minute and I thought he was going to get a headache.  “Well” he finally replied, “I’ll get you an outfit and some socks we have at the hospital.”   Well he got me some paper uniform, you know the blue paper crap they wear and throw away.  And those crappie socks that don’t slip and slide no matter how much they polish the floors.  The hospital office wouldn’t tell me how much they charge me for the outfit but I suspect it was over $100.00, and probably only cost them $10.00.



Now they have some young candy stripper push me out in a wheel chair to the front door.  The people at the checkout desk asked me one of the dumbest questions of my life.  “Are you leaving?”   I would have stood up and told them what I was thinking, but I was still weak and standing up was extremely hard and my mind still wasn’t very clear.  I replied, “I guess so” and left it at that.  They asked me how I was going to get home and I replied “I don’t know!!”  They said they could call me a taxi and I nodded in agreement.  The candy stripper called me a cab and then pushed me to the door and then left.  I was under the impression they were supposed to stay with me until I left.  While I was waiting a young lady came by and asked me what I was doing.  After explaining I was waiting for a taxi, she said she drove for Lyft and would take me home for $5.00.  I told her it was a deal.  I told some woman at the desk to call the cab and cancel it.  She said she didn’t know and I told her I don’t care.



I didn’t tell the young lady who was driving me that I didn’t have the keys to get into my house and had no money on me until we were half way to my house.  Some things will work themselves out if you wait long enough.  Anyway we got to my house and lucky for me, one of my garage doors had malfunctioned or the EMT’s left it open and I could go into the house.  I tipped her and extra few dollars and she left. Three months later, at the time of this, I still have some of the bits from the yellow jackets.  Though I like the Northside Hospital on Johnson Ferry, the one in Canton was the worst ER I’ve ever been in.  The doctor and nurses who cared for me MAY have saved my life, but they had no compassion or caring for me.  If you have any questions, call me.







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