"The Yellow Jackets Attack" - Part 2

Though I don’t remember them wheeling me into the ER, I do remember them moving me from the gurney to the exam table and thinking they’re going to drop me.  Although I was in and out of conscious, don’t think I was unconscious for more than 25 to 50 seconds.  One of the first things I noticed, besides the pain that was very intense, was it was very cold in the ER.  One of the nurses asked how I was doing.  I told her I was cold.  After I complained a second, maybe third, time, she brought me a heated blanked about 10 minutes later.  The doctor asked me to tell him how much pain I was in on a scale of 0-no pain to 10-most pain I can stand.  I told him 9 ¾, to please give me something for it.  He said it’s going in through the IV.  I replied, “It sure as Hell ain’t working.”  (I like using the ‘ain’t’ word.)  They worked on me for about an hour.  About the second hour I started shaking almost to the point of convulsions.  And I was freezing again.  And the pain was still with me and getting even more intense.   


I asked for another blanket.  In about 15 minutes they finally brought me another one.  No one seemed to feel sorry for me, but me.  I asked for some more pain killer, or at least something to bring the pain down to at least a dull roar.  They seemed to ignore me.  At this point I kind of thought something other than yellow jackets (not Georgia Tech jackets even though I went to UGA) might have got me and asked the doctor to look at the bites and tell me what had attached me.  He ignored me.  I was shaking so bad I almost passed out and asked him to give me something to calm me down.  He seemed again to ignore me.  He ordered an x-ray and I refused.  He came in and said he wouldn’t release me unless I let them take it.  I started to tell him to go to Hell, but the pain and the shaking got to me and I allowed them to take it.  I did walk out of another ER some years ago even though they wanted me to spend the night at the hospital.  To my knowledge, no one explained anything to me.  They all seemed to be mechanical.  Then the doctor ordered a cat scan on me.  I let them roll me down to the room and was going to tell them once in the room “NO”, but before we went in they wheeled me back to the ER room.  I’m still in my boxer shorts, the candy canes one, and the shaking has subsided but the pain, though less, was fairly bad.  I was somewhat groggy and after almost four hours in there, I was ready to leave.  That being said, I think they should have insisted I stay for the evening.  Next time, checking out and how I got home. 






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