Part 1 of "the Yellow Jackets Strike Again"

Sorry to take so long in getting back to this blog.  So, let me tell you about 22nd of July 2018.  That morning when I got dressed, I put on some boxer shorts I got for Christmas some years ago with candy canes printed on them.  Cute I thought when I got them.  Later that afternoon I was weeding eating in my back yard when I got too close to a yellow jacket nest.  The bastards were all over me, and especially my legs ‘cause I was wearing walking shorts.  It didn’t take long, about two seconds to know I was in big trouble.  As I came running into the house I was stripping and got straight into the shower.  Later I found five of the little bastards in the shower.  I stayed in the shower for a few minutes and then filled the tub with water.  Got into the tub, shorts still on, and soaked for about another five to ten minutes.  I began feeling a bit faint so got out and went and layed down on the bed still feeling a bit faint and a little nausea.  I called Marcia, sometimes referred as Princess Marcia of Love, and told her what had happened to me and to call me back in 15 minutes if  I didn’t call her.  She told me to call 911 at once.  I did! 


I was beginning to feel really light headed and hurting like Hell.  Anyway I did call and the operator at 911 was great.  He kept me on the phone when the medics got to the house.  Luckily I didn’t lock the door when I came running in.  At this point I began fading in and out of conscious but some what aware.  When you hurt that much you really wish to be unconscious.  But I would only be out for 30 to 60 seconds.  They asked me some questions, most I don’t remember, and then asked if I wanted them to take me to the hospital.  At least that’s what I thought they asked me.  I said yes and they asked me if I could walk to the stretcher in the other room.  I stood up, took about 5 steps and collapsed on the bed.  They got my rolling desk chair and wheeled me into the big room and put me on the stretcher and then to the ambulance.    I do not remember them taking me to the ambulance. 


 Though I had been in ambulances before, this is the first time they had the siren on.  Guess they didn’t want me dying in their ambulance---to much paper work to fill out.  One of the medics said I might feel a bit of a pain as he put the IV in.  I did not.  At the ER they acted like this was no big deal.  They were awful.  Let me repeat that, they were AWFUL!!  By the way, it was Northside in Canton.  Don’t ever go there if you have a choice.  More latter.


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