My DUI Class is better than going to an ER

22nd of July 2018 is a day that forgot, I will not.  Gosh, I’m beginning to sound like Yoda from Star Wars.  Not to get off the point, which I like to do, what does this have to do with DUI?  Do you think you would hate going to a DUI, or Risk Reduction as we now call it, class?  Well not as much as getting ‘bit’.  I really mean being viciously attacked by 42+ yellow jackets.  Yes, that is what happened to me on the 22nd of July.  I ended up in the ER at Northside in Canton.  The ambulance had the sirens screaming (guess they didn’t want me dying in the vehicle).   Brought me in on a gurney and I could have left in a box.  But Princess Marcia insisted I dial 911 after it happened.  If I hadn't it is somewhat likely I would have ended up in a box.  So, let me tell you this for a fact, the DUI class isn’t as bad as trying to weed-eat over a yellow jacket nest.  Well then again, I guess that depends on who might be instructing/teaching it.  On second thought, it really wouldn’t matter.   


The pain was exquisite ‘. That means excruciating which means ‘intensely painful’.    I’ve had pain before, but not like this.  I almost passed out and after the EMT’s got to me, I was in and out of consciousness.   And all I had on was my Christmas candy cane boxer shorts.  Have I peeked your interest ??   Well in my next blog, will tell you more about it.  In the meantime, don’t sweat the class----or I’ll send the ‘jackets’ after you!  And I don’t mean the ones from GA Tech.







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