Can Ace Tell Me Anything New??

Education could be the answer.  There are times when only brute force will do.  Mainly in the case of a bully, whether it be a person or a country.  For most of us it is education.  And it don’t have to be in a formal classroom.  When I was serving in the military some (many) years ago, I was in the motor pool school.  It was a few months of learning all about military vehicles.  Some guys flunked out, and some from what I heard, became mechanic’s years later and made a really good living.  Whether it’s high school, college, or trade/vocational school, education is important.  In my case, I try to instruct (not teach) people how to drive safer and be aware.  That’s what I call Defensive Driving Class.   


In my DUI/Risk Reduction Class I try to instruct people on how to have a better life.  I concentrate on not using drugs to have a good time.  But I also tell people about the importance of their mental/emotional state of mind, their relational ship/social being, their financial status, and in my opinion their spiritual relationship with the universe.  In my next blog, will try to explain the difference between instructor and teacher and try to explain how to be a good instructor.  At least in my mind until someone smarter than me teaches me.






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