It “ain’t” what it’s all about.  I mean black and/or white.  Or, blue and/or green.  How about yellow and aqua?  What color is aqua really?  Don’t really care and it really isn’t important.  The point I’m trying to make is that making a decision isn’t always easy.  In fact important decisions are never easy. And one of the most important decisions we have to make is judging people.   Someone in one of my classes told me we shouldn’t judge people.  And the reason she said that is probably because she thought I didn’t think she was too smart or good.  But because she thought that about me, she was judging me.  And she was wrong.  I think that person is smart and good.  If she reads this I’ll bet she likes the way I judged her.  Hey, everyone makes mistakes.  Let’s keep them small mistakes.  I didn’t get my nickname “Ace” because I’m cute.  And I’m not going to publish it on the internet.   


Getting a DUI isn’t the worst thing in this world.  For most people it’s just a detour.  For some it’s a life sentence.  I won’t judge you when you come into my class.  But I will by the time you leave my class.  Because you shouldn’t judge someone until you know them, and in the 20 hours we’ll spend together I’ll know you better.  But I will always be aware that I could be wrong. One thing I do know is you shouldn’t drive impaired.  More on this later. 






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