"Are We All Born Equal??"

We are not all born equal.  We are all born with so many hours a day, week or a month.  What, and how, we do with these hours will determine how well we fair with life.  These hours should, in my opinion, be divided up into things that are important to life, and also the enjoyment of life.  For people who work all their life’s and never do anything other than think about their work, when they retire or are too old to work they will have nothing to live for.  There are many things people should do and some things they ought to do.  All some people do is think about only one thing.  The person who spends their life working and/or thinking about work may not know how to invest the money they make.  They may not enjoy their family enough.  They probably won’t have any hobbies or interests to pursue.   


For the person who “plays” all the time, may not have enough saved when they get too old to work.  In many cases, they may only live paycheck to paycheck.  What happens when they can’t work?  In my profession of DUI/DWI instructor I have met many people who are addicted to drugs.  Most of them are really good people, but they have no plan for life.  They live and work only to do drugs.  In my opinion, the day should be divided up into doing different things.  Part of the day is of course for work.  Doing things that are important to “paying your way”.  Part of the day should be doing something you enjoy and just want to do for enjoyment or fun.  Part of the day should be doing things to make important relationships last and be better.  (I do that by thinking about my “Princess”.) 


Part of the day maybe spent thinking about spiritual things.  I think that is important.  My belief is there is a Higher Power, and you can call it whatever you want.  Part of the day should be thinking or doing something about investments.  Part of the day should be thinking and doing something concerning your health.  Having a life is easy.  Having a good life is a bit more complicated.  Having a great life requires commitment, thinking, doing, and planning.   That’s my opinion.   






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