Tell Me Again What The Price Is??

This has nothing to do with anything, except one of the things I hate.  I don’t use hate a lot because it is a negative word and it also wastes a lot of good energy that could be put to better use.  In case I haven’t mentioned it before, there are four things I hate.  One of those things is “STUPID”.   Now don’t confuse dumb with stupid.  Stupid is the highest degree of dumb.  It surpasses it to such a degree that in my mind it isn’t dumb any more.  Dumb is doing something that you didn’t know was wrong.  Stupid is you knew it but did it anyway.   


It probably isn’t long before I will have a hearing aid.  A new hearing aid!??  The first ever hearing aid I will have.  Them suckers are expensive!!  Two explanations because the doctor said I should have one for each ear.  I told the doctor that half of what I hear isn’t worth a damn anyway so why do I need two.  He said so I could listen to something not worth a damn twice as good.  Go argue with that.  So I’m looking in local paper and they have this hearing aid that is like no other.  Basely it said it is so gooooooood, that it should be illegal to sell any other.  And they are going to make me an offer so good that I would be a fool not to buy it.  Well, that’s how it sounded to me.  So what is the price on this piece of equipment, or two, that will help me listen to ‘crap’ so good that I really don’t need to hear it in the first place. 


The price is 45% of MSRP.  What the hell is the manufacturer’s price????  I hate to see ads that only tell you the percentage  you get off.  I stopped at a Levi store near the Fla. border a few years ago because in the window it said every pair of Levi’s jeans were half price.  At that time I was running a clothing store and sold lots of Levi’s jeans.  I think the style was 512.  I sold them for $19.99 a pair.  This store had the same 512 jeans marked $44.50.  I may just go to the hearing aid place to see what that 45% is off of.  But I’ll probably go buy one at a store/doctor who just tells me what the price is.  Maybe two. 






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