Endings......New Beginnings

The last blog I wrote was a bit long so will try to keep this one shorter.  And it’s been quite a while since I wrote it.  Funny thing is, when I’m driving, or in a situation where I can’t write my thoughts down, I think of many things I want to write about.  Then when I sit down at the computer to write, nothing comes to my mind.  At any rate, this hasn’t been a great week.  Two of my cousins died and one is in the hospital.  I hope and pray he’s out by the time I finish writing this.  We should all not just enjoy life, we should appreciate life.  Yes, there will be detours, but if we pay attention we can get around them and maybe be even better.  People in my DUI, or Risk Reduction Class as it’s called now, got detoured into it, but they will be smarter and more careful when they’re through with it.  Think of it this way, we are all here to learn but what is even more important is what you do with what you learned.

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