To Who It May Concern or To Whom It May Concern


To Who It May Concern or To Whom It May Concern------OR-----Does it really matter?!?!?!




It might if you’re an English teacher.  I flunked English twice in college.  Considering the communications skills in this country I wonder how good are the English teachers in schools and colleges.  My theory is and has always been, if you get the meaning it doesn’t really matter.  This is true of a great many things in life.  For instance, what is life?  Does it have meaning?  Should we be good because someone or something will like us better?  Or should we be good ‘cause it’s the right thing to do? 


 I could probably write a book of 800 pages or more on the subjects I’ve mentioned so far.  In later blogs, I will touch of some of them, but for this one I just want to write about life.  And only one aspect of life.  What  is life?  In my opinion, life is a gamble.  And if you understand the rules and guidelines you’re one up.  But just understanding them doesn’t mean life is going to be good or great. 


 Any gambler knows there will always be detours in their game.  When does a two beat a pair of Ace’s or King’s?  Holding a pair of Ace’s and a pair of King’s isn’t a really bad hand in the game of poker.  But someone with three two’s will beat it.  DETOUR!!


 Back in the 1980’s, I knew of a man who was knocking in a bit over $400,000.00 a year.  He and his family were living a really good life.  He and his wife decided to build a house over $700,000.00.  A year later, because of greed and/or stupidity, he lost his job.  A year later they lost the house.  In the 80’s, you could have had a really nice house for $350,000.00.  DETOUR!!


 Now to a subject I’m very familiar with—DUI.  Getting a DUI is a detour.  You didn’t plan to get one but you have it now.  Thinking about how it happened is a good thing; dwelling on it is not!!  In life, we are either learning or losing.  Someone once told me, “You either win or learn!”  But, if you’re not learning, then you are losing.  So what will you learn from your DUI?


 From the police and courts you will learn they aren’t very pleasant to deal with when you’re the defendant.  From ACE DUI SCHOOL you should learn how not to do it anymore.  We will treat you with respect and not judge you.  If you have a sense of humor you will enjoy the class.  If you don’t have a sense of humor then it will be interesting and not boring.  (One of the four things I hate is—BORING!)


 You will find out how to have a better life and some of the other things that make life more interesting, and possibly better.  I, no, we are going to talk about a lot of stuff.  No one plans to have trouble, but it happens.  DETOUR!!


 We will, of course, talk about recreational drugs, including alcohol.  And we will talk about other things also.  And I will answer the question, “Can you get a DUI for driving drunk?”  The answer may surprise you.  


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