I’m going to go in a difference direction than I normally go.  Though most of my blogs are about making better choices so far as life goes, mainly about drugs including alcohol, this one is about the responsibility of the government whether city, county, state or federal.  So the question to ask is, “What is the government responsible for?”  Yes, I used the wrong word to end the last sentence.  I don’t care.  I know perfect English because I took English 101 at the University of Ga.------4 times.


In my opinion, and you don’t have to agree, our government should be responsible for: our safety; our health; our education; our intra-structure.  Not our happiness, sadness, or anything personal.  You can disagree, and I might even change my mind next week on some of these.  Recently I read that Alpharetta is going to give $3.3 million dollars for an Arts Center.  My first question is where does that money come from and of course we all know that.


Now don’t get me wrong, I love art.  But what is art?  It could be music, movies, theaters, comedy, pictures and the list goes on and on.  I like museums, it just that I don’t think the government should be paying for them, unless they’re going to charge to get the money back.  A few years ago, went to a museum in WI and they had a ton of quilts.  They were all nice and some of the people there were award by them.  But come on---how many quilts do you really need to see to appreciate them.  On the other hand, The Smithsonian in Washington is great.  But, to me, you can learn a lot and that is education.


In my job as DUI school owner and instructor, I get a lot of people who just didn’t know how little it takes to get arrested for DUI. For instance, can you get arrested in your home for a DUI?   Had they had more education on the subject, they probably wouldn’t have gotten arrested.  Most of the people I get are great. 


There’s a lot I don’t like about government, but without it, there would be murder in the streets and even worse things.  Come to think of it, we’re almost there anyway.  We need to have more education on a lot of things.  That’s what I do, but if you’re in my class, you’re getting educated a little late.  However, better late than never.









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