All my heroes are dead or dying.  I’m sad about that, but very happy I’m still alive and can remember them.  Johnny Mack Brown once beat up about 20 men in a saloon and even managed to keep his hat on.  Then Clayton Moore was riding at full gallop on Silver after an outlaw, then jumped from his horse, grabbed the outlaw off his horse, they fell to the ground and fought and Clayton even managed to keep his hat on.  

Another one of my heroes who is no longer with us is Andy Devine.  He generally was a side kick to Roy R. (who was a hero to me alone with Gene Autry).  If memory serves me correctly, he weighed about 400 pounds, maybe more.  I use to feel sorry for the horse.  At any rate, he didn’t know how to swim but saw a small kid who was in water over his head and about to drown and jumped in and save him.  You can’t be braver than that. 

In more recent times, Johnny C. is gone along with Don R., Jerry L., and too many other entertainers who made me laugh, smile, and enjoy life a bit more.  I grew up with these entertainers and they made life a bit better.  Of course how you enjoy life is up to you.  We all have to do some things we don’t like or want to do.  Happiness or sadness is up to you.  That’s what life is about.  Anybody can have a great time if they only do what they want to do.  Heroes are made, not born.  Who are you a hero too? 

But there is always a trade-off.  I wouldn’t have gone to school if my parents didn’t make me go.  But now I’m glad I went.  I can read and write (or type) this.  I can’t make your life better, but I can help you be better.  I won’t bore you in one of my classes.  And you’ll know more when you get out.  How you use that information is up to you.  You can be the hero you should be.  But it will take some work.  Not hard work, but smart work.  Even better, smarter work.




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